We are ready to sow the seeds of your child’s dream, college education, career and life. We are a co-educational institution open for all students without any discrimination. We invite parents who want to put their child in the right path of success. Interested parents, please check the age criteria for admission given below and then follow the Admission procedure.

Student Selection Policy

Mahatma Global Gateway is a co- educational school which accept students about two and half years. We aspire to give holistic education to children through the National curriculum.


  1. Registration for admission is done through online portal through our website. Parents can call us/ contact the school help desk for queries regarding the same.
  2. The registrations are open from the first of December.
  3. Parents are allowed to visit the school and tour around the school to get to know the infra structure after school hours (between 3 pm and 4 pm) on request.
  4. The registered candidates are called for a non formal interaction in March to get to know the candidate’s social and communicative skills.
  5. A paper pencil assessment is also conducted in Math and English to understand the base level of the child.
  6. The observation report and feedback of the child during the informal interaction will help in the selection of the student.
  7. All correspondence regarding admission will be sent as text messages.
  8. Siblings are welcome to apply but the admission is not automatic. The same admission procedure has to be followed for admission into the school.

Selection Procedure

  1. Admission will be given based on the availability of seats.
  2. Selection is done based on the feedback of the interview and does not involve any discrepancies related to caste, creed or background.
  3. The selected students will be intimated through a text message to parents after which the parent will be asked to fill in the school Application form.
  4. A health card has to be submitted (format will be given) with the application signed and attested by a medical practitioner.
  5. The admission will be confirmed only after submission of the documents mentioned below in the application.

Student selection Policy

Age Criteria: The candidate should have completed the age required according to the criteria given below.


Documents Required:

  • The student’s Aadhar card and Birth Certificate has to be submitted at the time of admission.
  • The Previous year’s Report card has to be produced at the time of the non formal interview to get to know the previous level of the students.
  • For international students, a copy of the passport has to be attached.
  • The Transfer Certificate of the student from the previous institution has to be provided.

Admission Procedure during the year

The admission closes in May as the academic year begins in June. Reservations are available for candidates applying through transfer depending on the availability of seats. A discontinuation TC from the previous school has to be submitted by the parents to enable the student to continue the studies here.

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